Firstly, for our American Friends. What you may have just found attached to your person is known as a "Clothes Peg" outside the USA. We now know they are clothespins in the US, making our cheeky double entendra somewhat of a single one. Sorry.

Anyway congratulations on your new acquisition, a DC151 Clothes Peg (or clothespin if you must). The peg infers no special powers or status, it contains no electronics and no elicit substances, it's just a clothes peg, kindly laser etched by our friends at Leeds HackSpace.

It's our attempt to transplant a silly kids game popular UK Ice Hockey tournaments (where the aim is to get as many of your teams pegs unknowingly placed on as many opposing fans as possible) and it's something a bit different to sticking googlie eye on Guy Fieri.

Anyway, well done, it's yours to keep, it would be awesome if you could give a shout out and/or pic on social media using the #dc32peg hashtag to let us know where end up, but that's up to you.

If you're wondering who we are, we're a hacker/cyber/maker group from Leeds in the North of England, and a few of our members are at DefCon this year, keep an eye out for them in DC151 and BSides Leeds gear and say Hi!