July 2024 Meetup - Leum Dunn and Matthew Wilkes

July 2024 Meetup - Leum Dunn and Matthew Wilkes
Photo by Possessed Photography / Unsplash

We hope everyone's now recovered from BSides Leeds!

The planets have aligned this month to give us not 1 but 2 amazing speakers.  The order of events is yet to be confirmed, but this month we'll have a long awaited talk from DC151 regular Matthew Wilkes on U2F.  

We've also got Leum Dunn bringing us an abridged "Directors Cut" of his "AI AEEEEEE!" talks that he's delivered in various forms at B-Sides events around the country, so if you missed them at B-Sides, want to laugh at Glenn's expense, or just want to see what mischief can be made with a bunch of free AI accounts, be there 👍

We're meeting at the usual place and time:

The Cross Keys
107 Water Ln,
LS11 5WD

Wednesday 10th July, 7pm onwards (although some of us are often a bit earlier) in the function room upstairs.

As ever, if you've got a talk you'd like to share, just have a word with either myself, Laura or Glenn.